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1. What is your Education and Special Training?

Bachelors Degree in Communication Arts from Villanova University along with numerous certifications and ongoing training in technical video, digital video, editing systems, management, writing, and computer graphics.

2. Your exact title at Vision Stream?

President & CEO

3. Where were you working prior to Vision Stream Studios? Doing what?

The facts: I began acting on-camera and writing sports segments for a short period before transitioning to news. I continued writing and producing in the corporate world and in news. I was part of the development team for Sports News Network and there managed 105 AD’s, PA’s, etc. I was hired as a writer in the Cayman Islands for their commercial team and became the news director for their sister broadcasting bureau. And subsequently the news director for their news station. I then went back to writing and producing commercials and specials for the newest TV station there. I started 2 corporate communication companies, 3 TV stations and helped start 3 news stations before starting Vision Stream Studios.
What it taught me: On-Camera work taught me how to speak to actors, anchors, hosts and all talent. Sports taught me how to direct a multicamera shoot in a very high pressure environment. News and sports taught me how to work in a male-dominated career choice. Helping to start TV stations taught me to work under extreme monetary pressure while still providing excellent quality. Writing news taught me to write EVERYTHING in only one paragraph. Working in the Cayman Islands taught me how to work with foreign governments and with employees that have no television background at all. Working in a bureau taught me how to do everything by myself with no help. Managing creative people… taught me how to manage creative people – not an easy job to do well. Writing and producing for corporate clients taught me that nothing matters but the end result –the thing must do what it’s supposed to, not how pretty or creative it is. Producing infomercials taught me that there is a formula to make us humans pay attention and get interested enough to want to buy – and how to use that formula in ALL presentations. Government work taught me the importance of handling bureaucracy and how to work WITH it rather than against it. Starting companies taught me how much you need others’ assistance, knowledge and friendship.

4. What kinds of projects make up the bulk of your work? Are there any projects you’d like to mention in particular? What drives you?

Our business is made up of primarily interactive CD-ROMS for practically any type of purpose. Our clients range from Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing to IT and Travel. Clients use our interactive products for sales, education, training, and marketing. One project I’m most proud of is a marketing CD for weather-predicting software that uses comedy to inform while entertaining the audience. This “info-tainment” style is still new and innovative and I give credit to the client for even attempting it. This Video-on-CD was produced in January of 2002 and within 6 months we’ve already won seven awards.

5. As you approach your work, what goals are uppermost in your mind. If you had to describe your personal philosophy about the work you do, what would it be?

The most obvious goals are customer satisfaction and achieving the clients’ objective. Whether the goal is more sales, increased product awareness, or training – it’s the end user reaction that proves our products success.

This is my philosophy which is embedded in my company’s mission:
Vision Stream Studios is dedicated to quality in communications, marketing, education, inspiration, and entertainment.
Our goal is to create inspiring, successful, innovative and entertaining media while keeping the process fun for our viewers, our sponsors, our clients, and our employees. We continually use technology and creativity to keep our products fresh and cutting edge.
We believe in honesty, creativity, hard work, and service. Our projects retain the highest standards and deliver targeted goals and visions. We value the importance of teamwork and recognize the immense value of listening to viewers, clients, sponsors and employees.

6. If you had to identify what distinguishes your work, what might that be?

Presentations on CD are still a rather new concept. Most company’s are still using CD’s as mere storage devices. Most clients do not understand the potential, so there is some trust when we sell them the idea. I make sure that we are always looking at the goal and not which bells and whistles would be “cool” to use. Our presentations WORK – because each one is DIFFERENT based solely on the client’s needs, goals, and existing material. We use as much existing material as possible to keep costs down. This lower price gives the client the comfort level to try something new and different.

We also specialize in making the creative process easily understood for our non-creative clients. We’ve developed methods to approve creativity where the client can clearly understand each step. This makes them even more comfortable. It’s about building trust through concrete business methods.

Personally, my professional approach is “cut to the chase”. I see so many similar businesses that lose sight of the marketing aspect of the project. Too often the message is lost in fluffy creative or special effects. We deliver a targeted commodity that offers a high return on client investment. It may be a creative process, but it’s all about business.

Sample CD Presentation:

Retail Department Stores - Direct Mail
CD-Rom with Self-Mailing wallet
Info-tainment - Comedy Skit with Flash Animation

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